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    Any running folk on here

    Has anyone hired a treadmill? If so, any tips, and good companies to use. I'm in Liverpool.
  2. bsl


    I can't see the point of following a sport for years then being prepared to cast the competitive element aside so easily. It would be akin to declaring that we've all been watching exhibition matches since August.
  3. That red one above is exactly what we're getting. The Black and yellow are someone's mock ups. When you see the green abomination for the away kit you'll beg for that yellow liver bird one instead.
  4. bsl


    Yes let's get gambling firms to work out a solution. What could go wrong?
  5. bsl


    I've got Death Stranding there but only got as far as the start of the first mission. I was expecting something a little zen, but it looks like it's gonna be collecting bottle tops and fighting bosses. Can anyone who's played it more she'd any light on what to expect?
  6. He's in a hospice, it's a bad sign. My wife has recovered twice from lymphoma, once on her spine, and her mobility was in severe jeopardy. Looks like this guy was discovered too late.
  7. bsl


    Do you mean just get FIFA20 the sim the last 9 games? Brilliant idea if so!
  8. Porcupine Tree reissue/Remaster of In Absentia.
  9. If you mean what I'm thinking, which is how lucky I am, I agree. Mine is a f***ing pain in the a*** sometimes but nowhere near what some of the lads in this thread are dealing with.
  10. bsl


    Not often discussed, but spot on this. I personally felt no joy in the 1990 win. Obvious reasons.
  11. Whatever we might think about it, and even if we're right, many foreign players see Real & Barca as the pinnacle. Playing in the rain in Northern England may not be an African or S America's idea of 'making it'.
  12. Also remember some be-wigged St Etienne fans found their way into the playground and had a little singsong in 1977.Major Lester.
  13. bsl

    FSG Watch...

    Only right, I should lose my home for the greater good.
  14. bsl

    FSG Watch...

    I'm not sure replacing Utting Ave with a train line solves anything to be honest?
  15. HP is ruling this discussion, he's spot on.
  16. it was on the official website with a preorder sticker across the picture but no actual link to do so.Then it disappeared off the site. I'd also like this, or the red one Klopp wears.
  17. bsl

    FSG Watch...

    It's both really. Also a church and some businesses. Think it's just the start of "consultation".
  18. bsl

    FSG Watch...

    Again with the WBR redirection. It's not happening mate.
  19. It would be the most (post 1990) Liverpool thing ever to post those numbers and not win a title. Rather we put the record books away for six months myself.
  20. But none of them were in that bracket when they came. So if we sell one, his replacement will be scouted and coached by the same people who turned middle bracket players into "£150m" players. That's what they do. The replacements may not be Sancho, they could be someone we haven't yet heard of.
  21. I think Klopp will oversee a similar overhaul here before he goes. I can see Mane or Salah going for big money and this being used on players 21-24 years old to freshen up our forward line. Our current 3 are all in the process of aging at the same time.
  22. They did. But there's a national housing shortage and those are very decent homes. Knocking them down for a car park wouldn't be a good look. No longer a possibility, but knocking them down for a new stand, and landswapping to build an equivalent number of homes would have been preferable obviously.
  23. It used to, then sold them.
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