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After the kneejerking is over.. Is anyone really worried?

Andy @ Allerton

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Even when we were in our pomp, it was traditional for LFC to start the season looking rubbish - especially in recent seasons.


If Liverpool weren't getting shown up by all and sundry in the opening weeks of the season then, quite frankly, you'd wonder what the hell was going on.


Last season was a blip, a welcome blip, but a blip nonetheless.


Regardless of what is said, the season IS 38 games long. Early points don't mean anything if you peak too soon and finish poorly. Obviously everyone would love to win every game 2-0, but I don't think that has ever happened in the history of the game (Will? Anyone? Has it?). So every team is going to go through rubbish periods, getting beaten or drawing with teams that really they should be battering.


But that's the one thing about football that is ace (Referees aside) results can and do come into the equation that just don't add up.


Ok. We've had a poor start. But that's all it is - our downfall last season was far, far, far too many draws. That's what lost the league. Right there. If we'd started off with three draws - we'd be on the same points. If we lose 1 and draw 1, then that's better than 2 draws clearly.


I think we are rusty and look out of sorts and tired. Some of our better players are being a bit sporadic and we haven't exactly been blessed with 'luck' as far as the officials go - but I've had my moan about that - and it's time to drive on and win games despite the official.


The Spurs game - we could have earned a point (Possibly not a well deserved point, but a point), we battered Stoke, but could have let a few in, we played OK against Villa and the 3-1 result wasn't really 'fair' (if that's the word) as Liverpool had chances and the defending just wasn't up to scratch.


But. s*** happens. It happens every season. It will happen in every season to come. We have a few games ahead of us that we could win. If we do so, then once you're on a bit of a run and confidence starts to come back, then things might look a bit rosier.


Personally I've always thought that printing the league table before maybe 20 or 30 games were played is sheer lunacy. I can't think of many seasons where after 10 games - that's what you end up with at the end of the season. It's early days. And early in the league comes up with weird results.


The thing we KNOW at this stage is that our competitors WILL drop points. They have to play each other and they can't all win. So there is a lot of leeway for the ebb and flow of the league. I don't think Manchester United have got anything like the squad they want and they have a few players picking up injuries quite often like Hargreaves, Owen, Ferdinand, Rooney, Carrick, Neville and Scholes and Giggs are getting on bit now. Chelsea's squad is ageing and they haven't improved any, Everton and Villa will be also-rans and Arsenal I just can't see lasting a whole season.


So, we have a few problems, we have a few players off the boil, looking a bit tired and out of sorts. But it's still all there to play for - we play Bolton next and if we manage to get three points there - then like post-Stoke things are going to look up a bit.


Long, long way to go - many possibilities ahead. Don't panic Mr. Mannering!! Don't Panic Mr. Mannering!! They don't like it up em!

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