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Just back from the match

Gunga Din

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Dunno where to even start with that tonight. first 20 minutes i thought we did ok, then for some reason our midfield started to sit progressively deeper, leaving such a big gap between midfield and the front two, we got out muscled in their half, they started passing it and all of a sudden we looked s***. defending set pieces, we have no idea. no one is going to ever tell me taking all 11 men back is tthe right thing to do. they justput all their men forward. we stand 1 man on the centre spot, and one at the half way touchline, we will take a minimum of 3 and prob 4 of their players out of the attack, giving us numerical advantage when defending, plus an outlet if we win the ball instead of an aimless clearance meaning they get the second ball and we end up defending the second phase.


we looked a yard slower, we looked demotivated and bereft of ideas. i cant help but think our lacklustre pre season has hampered our buildup. Villa looked fitter than us. and that is very worrying

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