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Right - f**k 'em all


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I've had a f****g gutsful of the last few days. Wednesday was very dissappointing, don't get me wrong, and yet I was surprisingly upbeat the following day and I think its because normally a defeat is half expected, highlighting the usual glaring problems and thinkinh here we go again. But recently, before Wednesday, we'd got it right, very right. We were playing fantastic football, confidently, brushing teams aside like Utd, Madrid and Villa. Quite simply, Wednesday was an off night - and to make matters worse, we played against a Chelsea team who played their best football all season. s*** happens - we are probably out, but when you have an off night and the opposition have a very much 'on' night, it happens. Move on.


But the schite I've read yesterday and today if filling me with rage. Every man and his dog are having a pop and they can all f*** right off.


I'm reading now about us being a two man team - stop Gerrard and Torres, Liverpool have nothing. I'm reading rafa now getting s*** for 'risking' Stevie too often and we are now paying the price - whenever he does dare to rest him or Torres we were getting slaughtered for it. Well f**k you.


Fat Sam is back with his usual tripe, saying Rafa loves to whinge, bigging himself up in the process - made me laugh the worthless pile of sh*t. F**k you too.


And finally on to Chelsea - I despised them until recently, especially during the times of the 3 sem-finals, then softened somewhat, but to here them mouth off after Wednesday, well they can all F**K RIGHT OFF. Terry and Lampard both spouting off about his yellow card, saying we got him booked like Gudjohnson did to Alonso, how Alonso cried like a baby. Terry took Reina right f****g out with his head, no attempt for the ball whatsoever and was the most blatant yellow you'll ever see. It was a deliberate attempt to injure him, and was arguably a straight red. It would have been justified if someone had tw***ed the pr**k. Let me tell you, they have been all nicey nicey and have turned now, they were waiting for this moment to twist the knife and now they are. Fat Frank is even talking about the Barca semi and how tough it will be.


Well they can all f**k right off - we need to step it up a gear now, starting tomorrow, and get f****g nasty about it. the mancs do it, so do Chelsea.


Gloves off, siege mentaility, f**k them all - YNWA.


Rant well and truly over..... :angry::cool:

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