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  1. f***ing outstanding tonight. Totally dominated away at the second placed team. Stunning performance.
  2. The red dashed line is also much longer to give offside.
  3. Biggest rubbish win in history. f***ing brilliant lads.
  4. Fab was outstanding. In your face provocation. Despite the card was class all night.
  5. Guardiola says we don't play under pressure. How would you like that kind of pressure you fraud?
  6. 60 years old and I cried twice in that game. In the beginning for the YNWA and in the end for this unbelievable team and club. Astonishing what we are capable of.
  7. Barça are f***ing garbage. No way they deserve this. Come on.
  8. Been by far the better team. They're far too pally with the ref and whiny c****. Come on lads.
  9. Kinell the Mancs appealing has just gone into warp drive. Fortunately it's a european ref.
  10. Just beginning to think Barça were crap then they casually unpick Utd like in a training match.
  11. f***ing f*** off you timewasting s***s!!!
  12. Kinell you could really begin to hate southampton with this s***
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