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I have to applaud Hicks. I genuinely have to applaud the man. He has done a great job. He hasn't just done a great job, he has achieved 100%, magnificently, what he set out to do.


Let me explain. He destroyed any chance whatsoever of the fans accepting him. There was no way back for him. So, he spent a great deal of the clubs money on very expensive PR people. He has followed their advice to the letter and he has diverted attention away from himself to every other personality in the club. He has done that brilliantly. Machiavelli would be proud.


By simply i) allying himself with Rafa, and, ii) keeping his mouth shut he has achieved what I didn't think was possible. He has everyone fighting each other. Inside Anfield he is picking off the people who matter one by one. He has the fans fighting each other over issues that, yes, do matter, but are far less important than the core issues that are a cancer in our club.


We are fighting over Rafa. In light of the destiny of our club, it doesn't matter which of us is right. If Rafa stays or Rafa goes, if we get a manager who is capable of more than Rafa or not, the same cancer that is destroying our club will still be present and will keep on destroying us and preventing success.






As a reply, I'm going to post a fantastic article by Kay. Truly enlightening. Its staggering to realize that it was penned 15 years ago and not this year. It goes on to document the true state of our club, which I and many others have lost sight of.

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