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A good starting point to assess our team compared to the league leaders


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Reina v VDS - Reina everytime

Neville/Brown/Rafael- Arbeloa/Degen/Darby--We are aweful in that area and missed Arbeloa badly when he was out


Ferdinand/Vidic/Brown/Evans v Carra/Sami/Agger/Skrtel- We are well stocked in this area but Man Uniteds first choice is way better than ours and as good as Carra is he is not a Ferdinand when it comes to playing the ball. Our best ball playing CB is on the bench


Evra/Oshea/Fabio vs Aurelio/Insua/Dossena - Evra is miles better than anyone we have at LB and we are worse of than the mancs in this area in terms of depth.


Ronaldo/Park/Nani/Giggs vs Kuyt/Riera/Yossi/Babel - We are aweful and even someone like Nani who is on Utds bench would be our first choice such is patheticness we possess


Scholes/Carrick/Fletcher/Hargreaves/Anderson vs Gerrard/Alonso/Mascherano/Lucas - Our first choice is awesome and better than Mancs but is last choice better than the mancs the answer is no.


Rooney/Tevez/Berbatov/wellbeck vs Torres/Ngog - we are really really short in this area..


In conclusion it is no wonder we struggle when we have unavailable players.. Looking at our squads mancs have 10 players who cost 15m plus whilst we only have 2(assuming they sign Tevez having already paid 10m in loan fees)


They also have 4 30m plus players in the squad whereas we have no one..


The massive gap in spending is blatantly obvious.. if money was no object I think we would witness wholesale changes but unfortunately we are stuck with the yanks forever..


The future is bleak and just imagine god forbid Rafa goes and is replaced by a muppet.. We would not be a CL side.. If anything Rafa has established us as one where we have played every season the CL..

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