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Tony Cascarino: Analysis


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"Shrewd BenÍtez gets lucky once again as Barcelona fail to punish his caution"


"BenÍtez was fortunate that his decision to substitute Craig Bellamy and then Dirk Kuyt was not costly. A great night was almost ruined by what would have been an undeserved exit. Time and again, teams who try to hold on to what they have lose everything and regardless of his forwards? fatigue it was risky to meddle with tactics and a lineup that was working perfectly. Jermaine Pennant, who came on, did not cover himself in glory for Barcelona?s goal and as the Spanish team went for broke and brought on attackers, they saw more and more ball because Liverpool lacked an outlet."




Elements of truth in there, but to say that we were lucky, wtf?


I think Cascarino is confusing fortune with tactical nouse. Reina barely had a save to make after we'd changed to the more cautious tactic. Admittedly it took away some of our forward outlets and gave them alot more posession, but we are the best teaam in the world at going all-out defensive mode, and barely gave them a shot in the closing 10mins. As for substituting Bellamy and Kuyt being a risk ... did Pennant and Crouch (their replacements) not link up for one of the most clear cut chances of the game about 2mins from time?


Whenever we go into defensive mode i am confident we will hold any attackers out, thats not luck thats just brilliant management.

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