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  1. I think Ayre would have to go before Rafa would even think about coming back.
  2. As long as he scores goals (for us) not really arsed what he says.
  3. The trick is to win football matches.
  4. I was wondering when the Alonso argument debate would show up. Seems like it's a bit early this year.
  5. http://www.spin.com/...e-jewels-album/ New album from El-P & Killer Mike. It's a free download.
  6. New Boards of Canada track. https://soundcloud.com/warp-records/reach-for-the-dead
  7. What does it need to do technically? Be red? Not disintegrate when exposed to oxygen? I really want to know now.
  8. What? That goal was boss.
  9. I think these are both valid questions. But they're about FSG a lot more than they're about Rodgers.
  10. I wouldn't take anything a player says to the press too seriously. Anyway, Sami will be our next manager.
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