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  1. We just need to grind out a few results and we will walk this league
  2. haha, true. I looked it up though, apparently people earning over 40k are middle class
  3. What is working class these days ? Bet loads in here that grew up working class and think they still are , aren't by modern definition
  4. Lets go all gung ho again and start winning 5-3, 6-4, might be fun
  5. cocknose

    Welcome VvD

    This has not helped my mood towards football ☹️
  6. cocknose

    Welcome VvD

    He will play in Amsterdam
  7. I dont get this, how we have now accepted that we as fans can no longer celebrate goals, that we now accept waiting for 2 minutes after each goal while they look for reasons NOT to give it, thats not the game I have loved for 40 odd years. I also dont get the people on at me asking why havent I enjoyed us these last 2 seasons, I did of course, we have been amazing this last 2 seasons and its been incredible, doesn't mean I cant despair at the route my sport is taking, the fun and passion is being drained out of it, the sport is being ruined. I wont mention it again on here as I seem
  8. They are still getting it wrong with var
  9. Sorry, but having a 2 minute delay after each goal while idiots draw lines on monitors is the daft bit
  10. Yes, it's not just about the goal being dissalowed, its about the fun being drained out of football week after week for all teams.
  11. Nope, anyone enjoying footy as much as they used to is odd. It's s***e , lines, rulers, millimetres , load of old b******s
  12. Falling out of love with the love of my life, it's ruined
  13. Well I knew it happened , my whatsapps have let me know that the last few days but yeah wasnt much on telly so thought I would have a look and try and see where it all went wrong. One word, Adrian. I never wanted to see him again after Atletico, pretty poor from the club to not get someone in yesterday. Saw someone on twitter earlier with a fact (might be b******s) but apparently he has never been bought in 16 years, 16 years of free transfers
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