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  1. cocknose


    They are playing crowd noise over the speakers at the NRL games over here, sounds w***y but its much better than the silence at the Bundesliga games, hope they do it for prem games.
  2. Scottie is going to let you down
  3. New show on netflix white lines has started well
  4. cocknose


    Surely there will be no champions league this year now? Hopefully Any way
  5. cocknose

    Android Boxes

    Cheers jonesy. Awesome, vlc working great
  6. cocknose

    Android Boxes

    Jonesy is vod working ok for you mate? All the stuff we tried to watch over the weekend kept restarting back to the start after 5 minutes
  7. cocknose


    That sounds good mate, might take you up on that
  8. cocknose


    Nice post mate. A DNA kit arrived today from ancestry.com for me so that is a massive coincidence, I am going to send the saliva kit back and see what comes from it and maybe start looking up the tree. I was estranged from my Mum, and not a huge fan of the majority of her family, they were all from Limerick, mentioned on here before that we were due to meet up again and potentially reconcile after a long time apart a week after she died, lots of unanswered questions from her side but not sure I want to know, the stories she told me when I was young about children's homes and abuse were pretty bad, pretty sure she only has a half sister left now in Milton Keynes. My Dads side was different, would have loved to know them more but most died before I was born (He was 55 when he had me) He died 9 years ago now and I regret so much not asking him more questions near the end but I didnt know he was going to die , he had a pretty colourful past from the stories I did listen to as a kid, he arrived in Liverpool from Belfast during the war as a 16/17 year old pulling bodies off boats he once told me, he ended up in County London as they used to call it by the time I came along and I grew up between Brentford with my Mum during the week and Uxbridge with him at weekends. I am sure I have loads of family in the Belfast/Crumlin area from his side but all his siblings died by the time I was 12, I did find his Dads grave last time I was back there to scatter his ashes. Will be interested in how you get on.
  9. cocknose

    The Snip

    I'm in Australia. Straight in (once the virus passes)
  10. cocknose

    The Snip

    I might get knocked out tbh. Not sure I can handle being awake
  11. cocknose


    0 cases today here in western australia and only 7 deaths in total . With borders to the rest of the country totally closed off I can see restrictions here lifted in a week or two.
  12. cocknose

    The Snip

    This has been my go to reaction for 6 years but i am feeling guilty now, she keeps showing me articles on what the pill does to her body. Anyway, the die has been cast, she has come off the pill as of yesterday, as long as there are no bad effects for her in the next 4-6 weeks I will be booking myself in.
  13. cocknose

    The Snip

    Jeez. You sound just like her. Haha I just read Jim's post to her and she pointed out she has pushed 3 humans out of her vagina
  14. cocknose

    The Snip

    Oh my god. I feel a bit sick
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