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  1. cocknose


    Just seen this, thinking of you and your family today Sammy
  2. cocknose


    Ive had to unfollow loads this last 7 days on twitter, mainly blues and Mancs that used to be quite amusing but have turnt in to massive medical experts demanding the season voided, that John Merro one is some character, incessant tweeting about us. When did the hate between us and the blues become so obvious? I went to derbies in the 80's where everyone got on fine, didnt go much in the 90's and then my first one of the 2000's was the 3-1 at Anfield when Barmby scored and the actual hate was obvious to me for the first time, and is just getting worse. Its depressing
  3. cocknose


    Before social media you didnt see how much other football fans and humans in general are such absolute w***ers
  4. cocknose


    Wrong word. Fair enough Apologies everyone, the word disaster was the wrong word to use, wasn't thinking straight
  5. cocknose


    Sorry mate but not sure how else you can describe our run since the break ? It's been disastrous, out of 2 comps in a week in a season where we should be winning everything we were so good until Jan. Delighted we are winning the league, it's amazing but this last month is a huge missed opportunity, this team is at its peak, opportunities like we had don't come along every season No need for swearing. It's been a s*** month
  6. Looked much faster than usual, was leaving defenders in his wake. Needs to do it consistently now
  7. cocknose


    f***ing disaster of a month. 4 defeats in 6, winning the league in empty stadiums and watching the rest of the comps with no interest.
  8. The front 3 needs freshening up in my opinion
  9. cocknose


    You would hope it will be a month behind closed doors max
  10. cocknose


    I wouldnt be surprised if it changed for ours last minute, the momentum is building
  11. There is not a chance in hell we are signing Sancho, not a chance.
  12. A few more games getting changed to behind closed doors since yesterday. Moving this to no fans is a horrible thought
  13. cocknose


    Yeah but we need city to lose a game and only Burnley left
  14. cocknose


    City- arsenal off. Got a bad feeling now that corona virus is going to f*** us
  15. cocknose


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