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  1. I like it and my kids want it
  2. Unbelievable, thought he was putting it on
  3. Watched the first episode last night, that recon marine fella, what a dick
  4. Rewatched Heat and Donnie Brasco last couple of nights, could watch heat every night, love it.
  5. Initially? For about 4 years I reckon
  6. Is this going to be available in normal shops ? Sold out on nike and the sizes I need are sold out on the offal. No sign of it on other sites though
  7. Do not use purple bricks or their kind
  8. I think they are all ok. Would have liked one with the old school nike logo like a few teams had last year. Nothing at all wring with the home. 2nd and 3rd always a bit mad and no worse than some of the s*** warrior and nb put out
  9. There is zero chance of Sancho, I dont know why some fans think we have any chance, wages and fee way too high for us
  10. I would put bets on that it stops at some point again as well
  11. We are lifting the trophy to Coldplay it seems
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