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  1. Yes, very fast and extremely two footed.
  2. It's not. He is absolutely tremendous. If I could have any player in the world currently (particularly factoring his age) it would be him.
  3. They are going to have 4 of the first 5 picks. Can it be sorted as theoretically he could take Edwards Helaire, Drake, Ekeler and Kelce who are all top 20 picks.
  4. Yeah, one team with no keepers. Will mess it up a bit unless they agree to only pick players they had.
  5. Yup. My mates Andrew and Doug who aren't on here are also in.
  6. What do I need to do to confirm?
  7. Can't remember my team so that would be a bit of a gamble 😂 Probably better to set up from next year as I would think those with good keepers are going to vote for it now, and others against it.
  8. Thanks Boca. Is there keepers in the PPR league? Can't remember.
  9. Haven't received any email yet. Just an FYI. There must be a way but may need Fleaflicker to sort themselves.
  10. Would probably be sensible to try to get a home grown back up keeper.
  11. Yes, enjoyed it. Worth a watch.
  12. I watched it. I really liked the first one. Enjoyed the second series as well, maybe not quite as much but definitely worth a watch. Strong cast.
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