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  1. Apparently the Conservative party sent an email to members telling them tests were now open for over 65s just after the Government announced it - maybe, just maybe, it helped ramp up demand?
  2. This was actually the guidance to police forces originally, but some forces have conveniently ignored it. It’s not new.
  3. I saw an interesting chart a couple of days ago ( I can’t remember who produced it but it was also reported in NYTimes) showing predicted deaths against actual deaths in New York over the last couple of decades. The figures have shot off the scale over the past month, way higher than the ‘usual’ expected deaths plus the reported COVID-19 deaths. This would indicate the likelihood of significant under reporting of COVID-19 deaths, or reporting them as being as the result of another cause. I’d be interested to see similar figures for the UK.
  4. Rand Paul has tested positive for Coronavirus but still attended a lunch with other GOP senators.
  5. While clearing out some stuff at my mums house I found a 1966 World Cup Final programme together with ticket stubs from the Quarter final and the final, an England World Cup rosette and the official World Cup tournament programme for 1966. Does anyone know of someone reputable who I could take them to to find out how valuable (or otherwise) they might be?
  6. I've seen tweets today from people claiming Monday's attack was a false flag attack and the victims crisis actors. I cannot understand why people believe and promulgate such utter hateful s***e.
  7. I've wanted one for a while but they aren't available in the UK (yet), well the original Instant Pot isn't although I have seen a copy cat version in the last couple of weeks. Unless of course anyone on here knows any different?
  8. It's a complex area this - there is a difference between the rights you have (and responsibilities of the "employer") as a "worker" compared with that as an "employee". We use volunteer workers at our place, some of whom are well skilled and have been with us for a number of years. Each volunteer worker comes to us for their own reasons, but frequently it's to develop their skills in a "real" workplace and gain recent relevant work experience to enhance their CV. It seems your friend is using the recruitment agency in a similar way. However, we do find some volunteer workers use us a safety
  9. We started with staying in Villas but switched to staying in hotels (in the LBV area) after a couple of trips, especially as it's just the two of us. We like a Disney hotel for a bit of a change every now and then. I would have jumped at the chance of Wildreness Lodge (it's not far out at all, just a boat ride to Magic Kingdom) but Port Orleans French Quarter is a lovely resort and has the bonus of being a nice boat trip away from Disney Springs.
  10. Caribbean Beach Resort? The refurb is likely to go through to next year too but the early part of the work sounds absolutely horrendous. We nearly booked CBR but decided on Port Orleans Resort instead for our trip this year - I'm glad we did.
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