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  1. Just finished my 13th marathon since lockdown. Still can’t get used to calling them Snickers. Sorry
  2. Would love a similar behind the scenes look at Gerrard's liverpool career, especially during the Rafa/G&H era
  3. Hassony


    https://www.itv.com/news/london/2020-05-12/station-ticket-office-worker-dies-with-covid-19-after-being-spat-at/ 'Good old British common sense' at its finest
  4. What a f***ing country
  5. Even more shocking was how the media linked the death to MJ's gambling Would have never happened to a white athlete of course
  6. Watched 7 last night, that was pretty poor behaviour by Pippen Didn't know anything about what tragically happened to MJ's father either
  7. Wouldn't be the worst outcome in the world tbh
  8. What a thick nasty c***
  9. Sounded exactly like the bits he used to do at the end of each episode, I mean what's the deal with that?
  10. Watched 20 minutes of the Seinfeld special on Netflix, didn't laugh once Will try and watch the rest later
  11. My spy Seems like every action hero has to do one of these undercover spy living with a normal family film This one isn't the worst though, better than the pacifier or the spy next door
  12. Hassony


    What's the difference with these players being injured/suspended?
  13. 4 episodes in I'm really enjoying it, it's great fun And yeah, I've got a thing for Gina as well
  14. Hassony


    Why not name the players? Smells like BS
  15. What did you watch that on?
  16. Hassony

    Quiz questions!?!?

    British overseas territory according to wiki
  17. Made worse by the ending
  18. Cheers, will give it a go tonight
  19. Hassony


    I've enjoyed working from home, it's tricky doing it with the kids mind
  20. If I've never watched anything related to star wars in my life, will this make sense and will it be enjoyable?
  21. Just more action really- didn't mind the ending- but they probably thought it was more profound than it really was
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