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  1. Too old, too expensive and too much of a cry baby We should get hazard
  2. Werner has an annoying face, don't think his face would have fitted with the rest of our lads
  3. Think Hamman said something about him not being ideal for us as he isn't really tricky enough to play against packed defences Tbh I'm not arsed, if klopp really wanted him, we would have got him, he'll be another chelsea flop like pulisic Yeah, definitely seemed like he was the one pushing for it
  4. Not sure what either of these things have anything to do with him moving to liverpool either
  5. Elliott and Brewster seem to be coping ok He's not been rubbish for 2.5 years, he actually had a good first 6 months at Barca, difficult second season (not the first good player to suffer from that at Barca/real) He has been ok in fits and starts for bayern
  6. Gini and VVD's idea apparently Although Chelsea have done a similar one, and they're sponsored by Nike as well
  7. Hassony


    The only bit I saw was a worrying one as Fabhino lost the ball easily, only for Firmino to mess up the chance completely Think it's City's title now
  8. Hassony


    So Australia's racist immigration policy has paid dividends this time
  9. It was the first post in this thread, was pretty easy tbh
  10. All will be wasted by Woodward and solskjaer Definitely Probably Tyrone mings for 60m
  11. This has aged really well
  12. Hope anonymous manage to dig some dirt on him
  13. None of that excuse them for voting for a racist (not to mention the other stuff) So more of a protest vote, I think the fact that he was running against Clinton didn't help I wonder if she, and others like her, would have voted for Sanders if he was running
  14. Hassony


    "2 games away from greatness"
  15. Did she hate Mexicans/Muslims?
  16. They still voted for someone openly racist, amongst other things I'm sure there are plenty of racists who voted for clinton as well
  17. Hassony


    How long (in term of distance) would a socially distance parade be?
  18. Everyone who voted for trump is a racist, there I said it for you Don't know how anyone can disagree with this statement
  19. 'Looting is transition to freedom' Any guesses as to who said this?
  20. Several examples of them clearly instigating the violence as well
  21. Nah, NYR already said that it won't happen as the military hate him, and he always gets these predictions correctly
  22. If he's right about this you should write him a recommendation on his ITK skills
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