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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

I hope this doesn't come across as racist

Paul B

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flipping heck, it was COLD!!!!


Met Anny Road in the pub we ALL said we'd be meeting up in pre-game and there was him, me and...our Liam! Amongst loads of Wigan-ers! Our fans were good despite the MFI-flat-pack build of the stadium (new Anfield builders please take note). Wigan's fans had a perfect antidote to our "We've won it five times" song when Cisse came on; it was, "He's beat her five times, he's beat her five ti-i-imes, Djibril Cisse, he's beat her five times." Class, hats off. Also, at half time, and this being Wigan, the DJ adhered to the Northern Soul history of the place and played "The Snake" Class again. With the pies also being class, Wigan have gone up in my estimation despite the fact they couldn't alter the temperature in the vicinity. What's going on there??? Also despite the fact I struggled to identify most of Wigan's players, Paul Jewell has done a brilliant job of turning such journeymen into a good, attacking, attractive outfit. We controlled the first half but the second belonged to the pie-eaters and we were rather lucky to come away with the three points. In the ground, we met loads of lads we went from Bulgaria to Istanbul with and were dragged into the Orwell for a reminisce with them so all in all, it turned out to be a good day out.

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Bad game, good win though.


Bad Points.


1) The train journey there. 09:57, held up for a few minutes because it looked like one of those trains you see in India. Couldn't tell if there were any Liverpool fans on the roof though.


2) The walk from the pub to the ground.


3) The game itself and the pitch, it was impossible to play decent football on that cabbage patch.


4) The walk from the ground to the train station.


5) The train journey home as we got the one that stopped at every station.


Good points.


1) Brunels. £1.20 a pint. The Oakie has a rival ;)


2) Fowler's first start.


3) A win at last.


4) "He hit here 5 times" Funny Wigan chant towards Djib


5) Someone apparently offering to glass Andy after the game :D

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