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  1. Ibby

    Electric Cars

    Loads of options out there nowadays. The car made by Kia for example offers a brilliant battery range and is much cheaper than the etron and mercedes offerings.
  2. Can anyone recommend an android tablet please? Will be used for watching movies Netflix on the train on my daily commute. My Google nexus finally died (had it donkeys years)
  3. Didnt think they were allowed to open yet Edit just remembered you live in Ireland
  4. The Epstein doc on netflix. Sickening stuff
  5. Ibby


    I am sure most if not all of you cried tears of joy as well as sadness thinking of those of our loved ones who have passed away and not been able to share this moment with (love you Dad). Congratulations to Jurgen and the boys and to you all my brothers. We have seen some tough times and I hope we will experience many more nights like this
  6. Just caught up with this thread. Here's a mind f*** for you. Use a gas barbecue but put a couple of pieces of charcoal on the flames so you still get that flavour
  7. Ibby

    The cricket

    So many examples of stuff like this from the 'great' aussie teams over the years. I am sure I've already mentioned the tonnes of LBWs given to Warne by the home umpires when they were clearly not out.
  8. Watched Dark Knight again the other day after years (like you I originally thought it was incredible). This time I thought the film was a bit of a mess - the storyline clunky and the editing all over the place. Heath Ledger still incredible though
  9. Ibby


    Surprised I haven't seen a change.org petition asking him to be sacked off yet
  10. Given smithdown has been posting since I take it the over date tinned coconut milk didnt kill him
  11. I think I'm deffo losing FWIW!
  12. Ibby


    Limbo doesnt even cover it. The family have had one facetime video of her when she was taken off the ventilator in 5 weeks
  13. Ibby


    My Aunty has been taken off the ventilator after 28 days as she was 'static' in not making much if any progress. She is on 70% oxygen now and in bad shape but hanging on in there.
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