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  1. Think most charging points have different sockets on them to cover all
  2. Anything to generate more likes on here 🙂 Congrats JA and family
  3. Download a photo booth app and take the photo on your phone (I assume the application is online?) I did the same for my passport renewal pre covid didnt have any problems
  4. So if its offside you can go and punch someone in the face and it isnt a red?
  5. Ibby


    I use spotify premium a lot and have the app in my car which is great
  6. Ibby

    The cricket

    Pakistan got done over in the west indies in 2000 in a test that would have won then the series. Wasim had about 5 plumb decisions not given by the home umpires including the following with Jimmy Adam's and Courtney Walsh batting to get them the win:
  7. It was brilliant and such a shame channel 4 didnt continue with it
  8. Morning everyone. f***ing s***e
  9. They have a chance. They didnt look like complete muppets tonight like they have looked against us the last few years. That front 3 should give most teams a game.
  10. I've tried to watch that film on two seperate occasions. Each time something has happened (eg one of the kids puking up when in bed meaning have to strip the bed etc) which has meant have had to give up on it. It's one of those films you need to listen to what's being said otherwise you can miss a vital bit of dialogue
  11. Think we need a list of your fave films from the 90s
  12. I really think we haven't bought ready made world class before. This is what it looks like. We have a team of full of leaders but this lad looked like the general on the pitch straight off
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