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  1. Ibby


    Sorry to hear of your loss Sammy
  2. On talksport (I know) they were saying almost guaranteed that UEFA is moving euros till next year (have a source who said UEFA cancelled 60 hotel rooms in Scotland for their members when I game was scheduled for Hampden). This will then enable the european leagues and cups to finish. Also saying will cost hundreds of millions to void the season rather than finish it when things improve
  3. Muslims getting lynched and murdered in the streets of Delhi by hindu extremists
  4. Better call saul is back on. Cant wait
  5. Danny Ings has to be in there. Single handedly keeping Southampton up with his goals
  6. Ings instead of Vardy and I agree
  7. They will compensate them in other ways
  8. Not all ISPs block torrent use. I'm with plusnet never had any problems
  9. Ibby

    Happy 40th

    Happy birthday Rory
  10. Ibby

    Going Vegan

    One of the best plant based burgers I have had was the vegan option at the pint shop in birmingham. Really tasty but expensive though
  11. Trying to get into the deuce but not really enjoying it. I find James franco annoying
  12. Ibby

    London drinks March

    If it was Midlands I would deffo be able to turn up. London will be difficult (now you will all say you wouldnt want me turning up anyway thank f***)
  13. You know what I didnt rate it as high as that. Felt the main character was grating and got on my nerves big time
  14. I'm sure Mutley is sound but there seems to be a high number of EDL supporters in the Shrewsbury ranks. Have had first hand experience of some of their racist behaviour. The kids turning them over was well funny. As muley said 'salop my a***'
  15. Ibby

    The Treble

    This is all getting a bit tasty isnt it
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