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  1. Watched Dark Knight again the other day after years (like you I originally thought it was incredible). This time I thought the film was a bit of a mess - the storyline clunky and the editing all over the place. Heath Ledger still incredible though
  2. Ibby


    Surprised I haven't seen a change.org petition asking him to be sacked off yet
  3. Given smithdown has been posting since I take it the over date tinned coconut milk didnt kill him
  4. I think I'm deffo losing FWIW!
  5. Ibby


    Limbo doesnt even cover it. The family have had one facetime video of her when she was taken off the ventilator in 5 weeks
  6. Ibby


    My Aunty has been taken off the ventilator after 28 days as she was 'static' in not making much if any progress. She is on 70% oxygen now and in bad shape but hanging on in there.
  7. Ibby

    The cricket

    Watched some re-runs of some of warnes wickets on facebook the other day. They showed 50 of his wickets and I would say at least 5 or 6 given for LBW were simply not out but the homer aussie umpires were giving them out quicker than the appeal being made.
  8. Just finished the last episodes of the most recent BCS. Absolutely brilliant telly.
  9. He took her with him when he met with trump. They are allies so makes sense she will take over if he pops his cloggs
  10. You can make a brilliant curry with the beans with minced lamb
  11. LOTR trilogy City of God The Pianist Gladiator Untouchable (French film) Memento The Lives of Others Oldboy Dark Knight Trilogy Coco Inglorious Basterds Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Toy Story 3 A Speration (Iranian) Spirited Away Pans Labyrinth There will be blood Room 12 Years a slave Mad max fury road Monsters Inc A Social Network
  12. RIP Jon. Had a few run ins with him on here back in the day but we always kissed and made up again. Very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends
  13. Ibby

    The Ambient Thread

    Just seen this thread. Thank you Pip for starting it great idea
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    Sorry to hear that case.
  15. Ibby


    My aunty (mums brothers wife) is currently fighting for her life in heartlands hospital bham. Has been on a ventilator for about a week now. Whenever we hear a positive along comes something else to kick us in the nads. Only just over 60 was a teacher all her life and saved like hell to pay off the mortgage so she could retire. My uncle is blaming himself as he didnt call for an ambulance much sooner as my aunty had seen the news about what was going on in the hospitals and it terrified her so she would beg him not to.
  16. Ibby


    Sorry to hear of your loss Sammy
  17. On talksport (I know) they were saying almost guaranteed that UEFA is moving euros till next year (have a source who said UEFA cancelled 60 hotel rooms in Scotland for their members when I game was scheduled for Hampden). This will then enable the european leagues and cups to finish. Also saying will cost hundreds of millions to void the season rather than finish it when things improve
  18. Muslims getting lynched and murdered in the streets of Delhi by hindu extremists
  19. Better call saul is back on. Cant wait
  20. Danny Ings has to be in there. Single handedly keeping Southampton up with his goals
  21. Ings instead of Vardy and I agree
  22. They will compensate them in other ways
  23. Not all ISPs block torrent use. I'm with plusnet never had any problems
  24. Ibby

    Happy 40th

    Happy birthday Rory
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