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Not sure if there's been a thread about this yet, and obviously there's no way of telling

So.... who's gone back to vinyl?


Here's the story of my return to vinyl:

It was the crazy summer of 2016. NYR puts up a thread about some equipment he's giving away. I fly in there and cop for a Sony turntable and a Technics amp, circa 1978. Get it home, put it on and it doesn't work. I resolve to do something about it and meantime I carry on with my Sonos 5 first gen and Spotify.

The months pass until last week I have words with myself. After all it's a matter of courtesy if nothing else - the dude is probably wondering why I haven't dropped him a line along the lines of "got it set up, cheers mate"

There's a specialist audio shop nearby and they know their s*** so I had the amp repaired - well worth doing. And bought some decent second hand speakers

Bought a few albums and then remembered I had about 100 in the loft.


Well boys this is a golden era. It's like swimming to the top of a muddy lake. All these years I've been living with flat, catch all productions and a narrowed down listening experience. Yeah it's crisp but you miss so much. Spotify is great as a reference point and to facilitate car and gym listening.

But vinyl.... right now I'm listening to the Crusaders. Before it was Vivaldi, Beatles, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac

And soon, Kate Bush live album of her 2014 tour.

And I'm hearing stuff that I never knew was there.


So I'm obviously preaching to some who are converted but if you're proper into your music I'd advise looking in to it.


Oh and NYR, thanks very very much mate

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