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Fear over our squad depth

David Hodgson

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Been thinking about all the panicking going on about how thin our squad is looking. Maybe it's the myopia born of getting a nice away win, but I'm feeling more positive about our prospects. Of course we should have added the two more quality players that would probably have seen us installed as favourites for the league (given United's lack of spending and our 86 point finish), but regardless I'm not sure we're that badly off.


I don't think anyone questions that we can stand toe to toe with any of our rivals in terms of the quality of our 1-11 players. I think United would take more of our players, now, than we'd take of theirs, and the same can be said of Chelsea.


Past the first eleven, if you look at who didn't start on Saturday, it doesn't look half bad : Benayoun, Aquilani, Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio, Dossena and Babel. I think all that's really missing from that crop is a recognised quality striker. However, I think it's forgotten that Kuyt remains a real option upfront, and one that ususally delivers goals when played centrally. I wouldn't like to lose Torres to injury, but we proved we can cope without him last season, for long stretches.


I wonder with the wisdom of hindsight if Rafa now wouldn't have fought to keep Arbeloa and Hyypia, and taken a chance on Owen. At a net cost of virtually zero these small decisions could have added a significant extra layer of cover to our squad. Still, as it stands, and despite the latest lies from G & H, I think we have the squad and the team spirit to give this title a real go.

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