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Exclusive interview with Ian St John


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Ian St John may be a controversial figure among Liverpool fans today considering his views of the Liverpool teams in the past decade, but older fans remember him as one of the biggest warriors they have ever seen play for Liverpool. He was certainly one of Shankly's favourite players, if not THE favourite, and will always be remembered as the man who scored the winning goal when Liverpool won the FA Cup for the first time in 1965.


LFChistory's exclusive interview with the "Saint" focuses on the past glories of Ian St John, his special relationship with Bill Shankly and his greatest asset, his fighting ability which sometimes got the better of him. Rarely have we seen a player enjoy as much telling stories from his past and they were highly entertaining.


Bill Shankly on Ian St John: "My first great buy. St John and Ronnie Yeats started it all. Clever, canny, bags of skill, made things happen. Liked a scrap too. Jesus, did he like a scrap. I sometimes wanted to tie his fists behind his back. Great player though. Gave you everything on the pitch. Mind you, a lazy bugger at training. He hated it. Always trying to pull one on us. But what a player."


Click here to read LFChistory's exclusive interview with Ian St John >>


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