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Macca's back in England

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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lawyer f***ed up my visa petition, that was k/b'd.


My dad's off to NY next week with the nipper so she can get back to school. Wife's going for a different visa - to allow her to be in the country to look after the nipper; we have a new lawyer, no surprise.


I'm f***ed as there's no way I can re-enter the US right now. My company has 3 months of work for me based in London, which is a relief, while I file for an H visa. If that works, I can get back to the US to work in Sept/Oct with a chance of blagging it before then.


f***ing hell. I came here with enough clothes for a week.



f***ing f***ity.


Suppose I'll make a few games now

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