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David Hodgson

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Lucas 6.75M, Leto 1.85M, Torres 20M + Garcia, Babel 11.5M, Benayoun 5M, Bunch of kids around 3M, potential another CB 6M.


Total spending : 54M


Gonzales 2.3M, Pongolle 2.7M, Bellamy 7.5M, Cisse 6M


Total Sales : 18.5M


Net spending 35.5M...


Skint my A$S


Or, as alternately been reported :


Lucas 5m (+ add ons) , Leto 2m, Torres 20m (not inc Garcia), Babbel 8m (+addons) Bennayoun 4.5m, kids 2m = 40.5m


Sold : Gonzales 3.5m, Pongolle 2.7m, Garcia 4m, Bellamy 7.5m, Cisse 6m = 23.7m


Netto = 17.2m


Either way, A sum we could have afforded without investment, given the cL money and the new TV deal.


....not that I think we're skint, no did the original poster, who was joking, but the spending levels to date are not yet an indication that G & H are prepared to invest heavily in the team from their own resources.

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