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Domenech: A grade A C~nt?

Guest Anders Honoré

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Guest Anders Honoré
France deliver Makelele warning


Makelele insists he has retired from international football


France coach Raymond Domenech has warned Chelsea's Claude Makelele he risks a two-game club ban if he fails to report for the Euro 2008 qualifiers.


The 33-year-old is in France's squad for games against Georgia and Italy, despite announcing his retirement after the World Cup final loss to Italy.


Domenech wants Makelele to play and any player who refuses an international call-up can be hit with a domestic ban.


And Domenech insisted: "We still have the law for us."


Domenech added: "We had a discussion with Makelele but I didn't ask for his opinion.


"For me it would be unthinkable to see a great player playing for a great club not playing for his national team.


"A player who refuses to accept a selection is liable to a two-match suspension.


"I had a discussion with Jose Mourinho, as I often do with the coaches of our international players, but it was not a matter of reaching an agreement over Makelele.


"I told him where I stood, he told me where he stood. We still have the law for us.


"I spoke a lot with Claude and told him that he was not obliged to come and play with us, but also that it would be better if he did feel obliged to."




what the feck? He is 33 and has just helped carry the team to the finals after postponing his retirement once and Domenech starts threatening him with bans?

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