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Anelka to Bolton


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reckon anelka will do really well there and ol' sam will do his usual thing and get something pretty special out of someone everyone else has given up on


for all the talk of sam lacking class and all the rest of it, he's a really hard working and intelligent manager. he'll finish in the top half again this year and saying he has a good european run i could see him moving on to a bigger club with a bigger budget.

What are you on about? Apart from (after a fashion) getting Diouf to toe the party line, who else has he got of the reprobate class that he has got something even remotely special out of?


Sam is about as clever as your average mutt (I can use a laptop and a headset, me ) and twice as ugly as a bulldog's spotty knackers. As for lacking class - it's true he doesn't lack class as he never had any in the first place.

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