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Just back from the game


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Thought we were poor in the first half. Gerrard was off his game, Krompkamp was shocking and Zenden is no central midfielder. On the up side, Agger was superb, and Speedy is definitely up to the physical challenge of the Prem.

Second half, we battered them, but passes were still going astray and we seemed intent on trying clever flicks and tricks when the simple things would have been the better option.

Bellamy ran his socks off, but never seemed to get the ball at his feet. Fair play to him as well for trying to take the pen ahead of Robbie. He'll learn :D

Kromkamp seemed to do better in the second half, but I'm still left with the feeling that he's done a Josemi - started well, but is now going backwards rather than forwards.

As a club, Sheffield are hilarious. Feckin Star Wars music when their team come out of the tunnel, mascot penalty shoot-out at half time, and playing feckin' music when they score (and then hurridly switching it off when they realise it's been ruled out for off-side).

Overall, not a great start given we've already had two competative matches, but I think a point was fair. Especially when it could have been three but for a goal post

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