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Best conversation you've ever had regarding music...

Scally the Wag

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Like many of you I must have spent hours sharing and/or discussing and/or debating etc about music, but one conversation stands out for me and it was just about the most recent.


I have indicated on here before that I can count among my friends (friend of friend) a woman who was there at the very beginning and throughout with the Sex Pistols. Indeed, was there with Maclaren & Westwood before the Sex Pistols were up and running. They lived with her; she fronted them in interviews (if you see the famous one with Clive James you'll know who I'm referring to) and she continued in the industry long after the Pistols had gone. She still works and uses a stage name and I am avoiding naming her directly because that is what she wants.


I had a really marvelous time talking about all this.


Punk came for me after I had already found music and styles that I liked. Living on the King's Road at the time also meant that Punk wasn't a novelty at all for me - I saw it start and grow from there. Quite simply, it was no big deal for me at the time and I was able to let it be: I didn't feel the need to respond to it. Talking to her all these years later though has given me a very clear opening to the whole period and I am grateful for this.


I have met her several times and knew approximately of her background but we never talked about music before and I had not given her so much as a hint at my own tastes. I was therefore able to ask her what she thought about contemporary music without giving any clues to my position or suggesting 'what I wanted to hear'.


She didn't disappoint.


And, just for the record, she did not tell me what I wanted to hear...


I know/have known all sorts in the music industry, but this was a real high point in terms of an inside look and it helped to complete an understanding of a period of my own life.

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