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  1. sirstan


    Ubisoft giving away Assassin's Creed II on PC until Friday if anyone's interested https://register.ubisoft.com/assassins-creed-2/en-US
  2. Keep trying - they may be releasing in batches. I had a lot of "No tickets available" but then got offered 1xAdult and 1xJunior @£28 and £15
  3. More details in this Guardian article including: He warned there would be interviews of “all relevant people” and specifically did not rule out interviewing the Fifa president Sepp Blatter, who promised to step down in the wake of the US indictment, and the general secretary, Jerome Valcke, who is under pressure over what he knew about a $10m payment from South Africa to the Caribbean that US prosecutors claimed was a bribe.
  4. He did. He claimed it was based on a sample of 1800 voters asked after they had voted.
  5. sirstan


    It's not a myth but happens very rarely. If the Notice is dated more than 14 days after the date of the offence then you can return it to the processing office stating that you reject it because it is time barred. If you received it after 14 days but the date on the notice is under 14 days from the date of the offence then tough. Oh, and you have to be the registered keeper of the vehicle.
  6. sirstan


    Thanks - first laugh I've had for a few hours
  7. sirstan


    ..or she's saying nothing. Cryptic?
  8. Coach and Horses it is then - Sutton Scotney's very small, a 1 pub village
  9. The Coach and Horses used to be ok in Sutton Scotney. Never found anything too outstanding in Winchester itself. If you've a nominated driver or fancy a cab ride (about 20 mins / 15 miles) then The Flowerpots at Cheriton is worth a trip. Brew their own on site. Very nice little pub, cash only though IIRC. Also The Wonston Arms in Sutton Scotney isn't bad.
  10. No but I know the area fairly well - worked there for 3 years until recently. Might be able to help
  11. As I understand it, if City win the FA Cup then they qualify for the Europa as FA Cup winners. Then if they finish 4th, the take a Champions League slot and forfeit their Europa place (from the FA Cup), therefore it goes to the FA Cup runners up. However, if they finish 5th they forfeit their League Europa place (having already qualified by winning the FA cup). therefore the 6th placed League team gets the final Europa slot.
  12. Judgement at 10:30 tomorrow http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/cause.htm COURT 18 Before MR JUSTICE FLOYD Thursday, 17 February 2011 At half past 10 FOR JUDGMENT IHC 747/10 The Royal Bank of Scotland v Hicks & ors IHC 748/10 Same v Same IHC 749/10 KOP Football (Holding) Ltd & ors v KOP Football (Cayman) Ltd & ors IHC 774/10 Same v Same IHC 775/10 Same v Same
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