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    my heart is still in liverpool
  1. Has anybody else realised that if it hadn't changed from 2 points for a win to 3 points then it would be City 64 points, LFC 65 points. We've been using the wrong system for the last 38 years!
  2. Should get the ballon d'or - Ronaldo wasn't up to much!
  3. i know the problem.... the Pope didn't die!
  4. My first memory of seeing the Saint was at Plymouth in the last season in the second division (even earlier than Murph!). The match was in the Easter Holidays and we were visiting my Mum's family in Devon. I've still got the ticket stub. My uncle (a Plymouth fan) bought the tickets and we were in the stands! I must admit that I was a Roger Hunt fan (rather than Ian StJohn) at the time (sorry, DH). Yes, I'm expecting grief for my low amount of posts but hey, I'm old! I do follow the posts on here with interest (and occasional incredulity!) And yes I was at every home match (Anny Road End) fro
  5. Maybe Mr Makaveli is actually an ITK - he just doesn't know the difference between re-sign and resign!!
  6. So, what happened to Toni? or was he surrounded by empty seats!!
  7. I might be putting two and two together and making twenty two but I think whoever buys Gillet’s debt from Springfield is the key to all this. Why would Sheik Mo pay £500m when he could get “part” for $75m if he buys the debt? (depending on how big the part is) An alternative scary scenario is that Hicks pays the $75m to get the chance of full control….especially if he can veto who gets Gillet’s shares if he defaults Hope it all gets resolved soon though - I ought to be thinking about the game tonight not ownership issues!
  8. time for a song... time for a double entendre.... Only one 'F' in Fernando There's only one effin Fernando! etc etc
  9. Echo! not sure how it posted twice...
  10. For Porto! Sorry if this has already been mentioned but it added to my enjoyment tonight!
  11. I saw this earlier on newsnow (although it is from tribal football). Still lots of different rumours to choose from if not investors! link: http://www.tribalfootball.com/article.php?id=14550 Liverpool refused to confirm or deny reports that a Co Down property tycoon is planning to invest in the club. Downpatrick man John Miskelly is reportedly considering taking a share in the five-time European champions as they muster finances to build a new stadium. With a reported worth of at least ?68m, Mr Miskelly is among the wealthiest people in Ireland and has a box at Anfield. "He's very
  12. I know it's optimistic to expect a transcript of the meeting but we have a few informed characters on here so i'be got my fingers crossed. No, i'm not annoyed by the first reply , just glad i didn't get ignored!
  13. I know it was described as routine but weren't they discussing transfer targets and also getting an investment presentation from a european consortium? Anyone heard anything about the outcomes?
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