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  1. KopSpice


    I've been told not to go into work as not classed as critically essential; they are, however, arranging for laptops to be delivered when they become available. So hoping people bloody behave and don't be selfish.
  2. KopSpice

    My Mum

    Thinking of you and your family, Case
  3. Someone at my work is a Wednesday supporter and to this day, she still blames Liverpool fans for the disaster even though it has been proved otherwise and justice prevailed. Almost had a massive row with her on it too..... She feels that strongly that she won't watch Liverpool on tv or anything so as a season ticket holder, I can't help but wonder if she will actually bring herself to go to the home game against us or will she boycott it? Never really liked Wednesday anyway but don't like Hull either.....
  4. Should consider himself fortunate to have last past last season; should have walked after Stoke.
  5. First game of the season; difficult place to go, will take that
  6. Duh, I stupidly thought it was something else! Cheers mate, appreciated
  7. I have downloaded Windows 10; seems ok so far apart from not being able to find sound recorder.... think they probably have got rid of it..............
  8. I am so sorry for your loss; my thoughts are with you and your family. YNWA
  9. Does anyone use this yet, and if so, is it worth having?
  10. Fair comment but I'm finding it hard to be quite positive right now and see us challenging for fourth., stranger things have happened........
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