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  1. ifanew

    The rugby

    Trying to persuade her that an afternoon in the pub before a meal out would be a good idea! Just b ecaise you couldn’t handle the pace in Caernarfon!!
  2. ifanew

    The rugby

    Unfortunately it’s the missus birthday on the final weekend
  3. ifanew

    The rugby

    I hope so A win tomorrow and it’ll ne the perfect weekend! And they do serve a good pint of Guiness!
  4. ifanew

    The rugby

    Just look at Liam Williams! Just look at Liam Williams!
  5. ifanew

    The rugby

    I’m in the rugby club in Caernarfon and drunk, anything I post should carry that caveat!
  6. ifanew

    The rugby

  7. ifanew

    The rugby

    Nonsense my a***!
  8. ifanew

    The rugby

    Sinkler should have been carded twice, terrible officiating!
  9. The fact that they're not playing him probably gives us grounds to.
  10. Wonder what effect that has on the loan deal? The loan deal would probably have included a clause on the number of appearances, and if that figure is not being met, as it looks likely, then Sheff Utd would have to pay more. Just wonder if releasing him to play for the U23's as he's not in their matchday squad effects any appearance clause? Mind you if he's just going to be doing that might as well come back and at leats train at Mellwood.
  11. Scored straight from a corner for Egypt!
  12. Don't think so, hardly features for Sheffield United either, mainly sub appearances in the last 15 and the only start he made he was subbed at HT, worrying lack of gametime/form not sure what's going on bur no point him being on loan if he's not playing and being left out of the Wales squad isn't going to do much for his confidence.
  13. ifanew

    Android Boxes

    Love the iptv box app. Needed VPN to watch the footy
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