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  1. Jack Soul


    Only a parrot saving quest can being me out of hiding... Well that and saying I'm happy Lucas got a new contract.. haha. Oh and Smithdown yeah my parrot bloody loves Shreddies. Edit: hmm 2 posts in a day, thats not good for the average....
  2. Jack Soul


    That is indeed a Senegal parrot, and it will struggle to live in the wild long term. It's almost certainly escaped from a home. You might be able to catch it and look for a ring on its leg with some small amount of info. Good chance he will have been owned by someone local. They aren't the best of flyers. I own one, and they really are lovely birds, I would hate to lose him. You might get him to come to you with something as simple as dry cornflakes.
  3. Really good news on him signing a new deal.
  4. Yeah me too, been playing the damn game for 5 years now. Like a lot of MMO's its the people more than the game that keeps you involved after a while. That said, Eve always has something good going on.
  5. Me too My god listen to them, I wish I was in the kop tonight.
  6. 21.54 is my best, crazy little game
  7. Liverpool are on near last on MOTD so often because we command generally the highest viewing numbers. So they keep the game until last to keep overall viewing numbers of the show as high as possible. Also I think Beckhams half way line goal was a goal of the season (whatever year it was) so saying Xabi's isnt good enough is a joke. It starts with a good tackle, and then the vision and skill to score from there (poor keeping or not) is just out of this world!
  8. We just need to write this game off now, I just hope there are no more injuries. Get well soon Luis + Mark.
  9. I felt with a better starting position he could have been right on top of the ball as the pass came in for the 1st. (It travels a long way, he could of got it) For the 2nd, its only about 4 feet from him. He just watches it go by, I felt he could have gone for it. Fair enough on the 4th though, really nothing he could do with that. Edit, Anyway 2nd half on now... Come on you Reds!
  10. This is all just a bad dream isnt it..... I don't blame Rafa at all, the team we have out there should be good enough. Its just a bad joke so far, (though I did laugh when they scored the 4th) I dont know what Dudek is doing... 135 minutes played in these 2 cup games and he has had some fault with 6 goals so far....
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