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  1. Linesman do your f***ing job. Clear offside
  2. Watched the 3rd again and Mignolet is diving full length before Ozil has even taken his shot. The man has got to be replaced
  3. That is massively massively unfair. Henman was never the most talented but through his own hard work and determination made himself a top 4 player and almost reached the Wimbledon finals
  4. 1st - Gomez and Robertson (ends up 3 yards behind CBs and way out of position to block any type of cross) 2nd Mignolet 3rd Gomez and Robertson (awful first touch to give away possession) Pretty clear the Gomez/Mignolet mistakes on the goals. Robertson and Gomez deserve a bit of slack though for their performances - Mignolet, it's time to go. Spend big in the summer on Oblak or the Milan keeper and sort it out. I think Karius should get a run of games to see how he goes I thought Lovren and Klavan were excellent though tonight. Can we find Mane's confidence though? Salah so good but Bobby MOM tonight for me
  5. Nonsense, it was at least 5 yards. No attempt made to get anywhere close to a position where he could make a decision
  6. I think the wall position is fine, I think even his positioning is ok, but he is slow to react and in the moment doesn't get a good spring which means he's late getting to the ball and only gets a weak hand to it. That's what bothers me. That and givng away a dopey free-kick in a dangerous area to the best fk taker in the league
  7. And here's Joe Hart (who I've seen ppl on here suddenly decide they'd prefer to have as our keeper) describing how to setup a wall for a central free-kick. Spoiler, he sets it up to cover one side of the goal like I said. Neither your video nor your response actually talks about the wall or clearly shows the setup by Neuer so it seems a bit irrelevent
  8. If every keeper in the world didn't position their walls in a similar position you might have a point. Are you the Dutch coaching expert from twitter?
  9. Klavan is clearly his worst signing, the fact he plays Lucas at CB ahead of a CB he bought kind of shows it Yeah, he made a mistake for the 4th goal. As did Clyne, and Lucas. And Lovren and Milner for their first. etc for the second and third Second half was a team who thought it was won and game over. I doubt Klopp will be focusing most on the keeper this week in training
  10. 2nd - think his slip puts him slightly out of position and he doesnt have time to correct Midfield ridiculously overcommitted (I think we had 7 players ahead of the ball when Origi gives it away) Lovren actually gets lucky that the ball is overhit slightly and doesnt put him straight in on goal 4th - yeah he should save it but it was the kind that keepers spill from time to time - even the best. Why were Clyne, Lucas, and someone else triple marking 1 player in the box while the guy was having a shot unchallenged? Re-watch the goal and watch Lucas - he doesn't move, just stands and watches. Terrible defending A week or so ago we didn't need van Dijk, we have cover, solid defence etc. Now, I think we can see why we should be in for him in January
  11. Well he made a couple of good saves against Sunderland did he not? Easy to gloss over solid performances were he did his job with minimum fuss and then say he's not good enough after the 10 in front decide to not turn up for the second half. The only mistake I thought he made today was unfortunately for their winner but even then he wasn't helped out by his team. What was Clyne doing right back in the area? We had so many back there who didn't react after the shot and no-one to actually block it or put a challenge in. A lot of the outfielders need to take a look at the shift they put in/didnt put in today
  12. Re-watched their goals and some of their other attacks 2nd half and tbh I'm surprised at the rush to blame Karius and excuse the players in front who were more culpable.
  13. Missed a relatively simple header and held onto the ball far too long instead of playing Mane through. Thought he wasnt great myself
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