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any ska recommendations?


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A good starting point would be the Trojan Ska Box Set which you should be able to get at any decent record shop. About fifteen quid for four CDs as well.


I can't see a 4-disc version. There's a 3-discer on Sanctuary with an orange cover (50 tracks), and a 2-discer with 38 tracks in a kind of lime green. The latter is on amazon for under a tenner, the former only from the US or second hand for not much more


Do you have a catalogue number for the 4 disc version?

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mike tell me how is the best way to send music as i have top ranking tunes {spelt with an a R}


Col, you have to burn them onto a CD and put them in a an envelope with a few 50 pound notes. Should make sure that I get them. :P


I'll give you a bell at the weekend and talk you through putting them on my server.

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