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We have virtually no neighbours. Immediately next door to us is the vicarage where Mr & Mrs Vicar live, On the other side, about 80 yards down the road, the next nearest house is the first of a group of sheltered accommodation type bungalows. Found out this afternoon that the fella who lived in that house was murdered in there on Sunday night. He was a bloke I've known since I was a nipper as he lived next door but one to me when I was about 7-12. He was about three years older than me but was never one of those older kids that you felt threatened by, he was just a genuinely lovely lad. Brilliant footballer and the only lad I knew in the 70s who would happily go on a dancefloor and do the full-on northern soul dancing on his own. Took some bottle doing that. Although we've lived so close for the past three years we've only been on a nodding acquaintance basis even though we go back years but I left him to it as we've both moved on and he has his own life, but he would still stop for a chat now and again. So I'm in a bit of shock at the moment. What his poor daughter must be going through at the moment, I've no idea. What a horrible, horrible thing. RIP Mark. You deserved  and a better and longer life than that. 

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