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Restaurants - pt.36

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What's great and exciting out there in Merseyside/Wirral/Mancland restaurants these days? I've been trawling reviews etc. and it's either the same-old-same-old, tried and tested great places (Sticky Walnut, P'tite France, Chef's Table, Cains at Abode etc.) or stuff that looks tediously generic (endless lists of Argentinian/Brazilian steak houses). Somewhere that does decent fish dishes would be good.

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A Whisko*


*just bought the web domain and registered this at Companies House.

Ok but remember to put in your annual return otherwise you get a fine and this can escalate to the point where you get barred from being a director, for 14 years

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Apparently Yukti is rather good which is cool because I'm going there in about 3 weeks.

it is

and reassuringly, and unusually for these gaffs, it's a small menu

like Yuet Ben


Also I loaded up on ingredients from the shop next door and have been cooking home made curries ever since

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Italian Fish Club is alright, are there any other specifically fish restaurants in Liverpool/Wirral? Loch Fyne didn't last long in West Kirby, don't understand the lack of popularity of fish - particularly where we are.


Looking forward to going to Mowgli's on Water Street soon.

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Yeah. we had a Loch Fyne in Stockton Heath where I lived up until this time last year and it closed down within a couple of years of it opening, It was popular enough but I guess there must have been something in its business model that didn't quite work. That whole business of having a fishmongers' counter within a restaurant seemed a bit strange.  

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I'm told the new place in Chester 'Opera' is good. Not been yet but going on the 28th so I'll report back.


Menu looks good, and I believe they have live gospel music which sounds pretty cool.

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