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New York Red

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On this very day in 1854, the Crimean War was in full force. Florence Nightingale was on her way to the peninsula and the Charge of the Light Brigade would happen in a few weeks.


But also, my good mate Murph was born. He's seen some interesting things in his life. The use of electricity has become commonplace; the motor car was invented, and manned flight came shortly after. A few world wars and the rise and fall of the British Empire have all passed him by and he's soldiered on. He claims he was at Liverpool's first game in 1892, but I have it on good authority that he was on a ship to New Orleans at the time to see Gentleman Jim Corbett fight John L. Sullivan for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.


In any case, happy birthday mate. Pints are on me the next time I see you and I really have to say that you look wonderful for your age and b*llocks to all of your antagonists.

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I've got a horror of a cold (insert hypothermia joke) but so far I've enjoyed my birthday. My youngest isn't here which is a shame but I've had bucket loads of cards and kind wishes for which I thank you all. I remember the thread on my 50th, it was so funny it even raised a comment from Ray Kennedy, and where have those 10 years gone?


Oh and NYR, thanks for the thread but I really don't have any antagonists on here.


Apart from that c*nt Matty obviously. :)

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