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Shut Up And Play The Hits


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Went to see this last night and it was one of the best concert / music docs I have seen.


LCD Soundsystem are a funny one aren't they? Loved 'Losing My Edge' but remember thinking at the time that they couldn't really release anything else after that and that it was a one off. Then they did release something else and it was pretty good too. Thought that they could never release an album but they did and that was pretty good too. Was never convinced that they could cut it live and then saw them in 2003 and they were great and James Murphy was superb. Then, all of a sudden, they are one of the great bands of the 21st century. Like, how did that happen?




f***ing great band. Think James Murphy will regret splitting them up on some level for the rest of his life. But fair play to him.

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yeah - got to see them 3 or 4 times in their last year, including the penultimate gig, they were the best gigs I've seen in 20 years & among the best I've ever seen.


And weirdly their best live tracks aren't their best laid-down tracks. All My Friends live is an absolute barnstormer, whereas Losing My Edge & North American Scum are the best tracks in their own right.


I'm kind of glad (and sad) they ended, glad because they went out at the very top & my memories are of that, sad because I'll not experience nights like those again, barely able to walk at the end of a gig

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7pm start, telly through the speakers, let's go!

I am deffo doing this :lol:


oh yeah, if you don't already own 'The London Sessions' then get it. It's sort of Peel Sessions in style - raw, not overproduced and very close to how they sound live. Nothing new on there, but just a different take in terms of sound & production. Deffo worth the meagre sum it costs

Pat Mahoney showing his chops on the cover of Paperclip People's Throw too, fantastic.


My hope for a live versions of techno tracks craze seems to have stalled with this :angry:

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The Madison footage was great but the documentary stuff didn't really work. Felt too knowing.


Yeah, I agree. Evertything in it's right place. But LCD have always been like that as a band - a little too self conscious at times. And it is exactly this that intrigued me so much. All the way through you are asking 'Why?' Why was it made? Why did he split the band? Why was the film a little contrived and knowing? It said far more than it ever set out to say.

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