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Now Riera having a moan


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From LFC globe, s*** source but quotes. apologies If this has been posted elsewhere.


Liverpool winger reveals Benitez row


September 4, 2009


Liverpool winger Albert Riera has admitted Rafa Benitez and him have had a row in the past few weeks.


Riera revealed he has been unhappy at Liverpool this season after failing to get a regular starting place however, he insists everything is now okay between the duo.


He told Spanish reporters on Thursday: “I didn’t play the first game because I started training late after the Confederations Cup, like Reina and Torres.


“I was angry and had a scuffle with Benitez, but the day I don’t get angry for only being a substitute I will retire from the game. Everything is okay now though.”


According to reports, Barcelona were also interested in the winger’s services.


“I will not deny that it was something that interested me, that is true,” he added. “In due time I would like to return to Spain.”

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