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Following the amalgamation of the PTS and membership schemes for this coming season, Liverpool Football Club is pleased announce the ticket selling process for members in 2009 / 2010. Questions relating to other areas of ticketing for season 2009 / 2010 will be answered separately.


Category A games


Category A games for the 2009/10 season will be: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.


These games will be sold in conjunction with loyalty from the 2008/9 season. Members who meet the loyalty criteria for each game will be given a priority selling period before the sale is opened to other members. Approx 50% of the 5000 available tickets will form part of this initial sale.


For the fixtures with Everton and Manchester United, 100% of the 5000 tickets will be made available for sale on the basis of previous loyalty and there will be no secondary sale.


Supporters who are existing members or who join the new membership scheme and have the required level of loyalty criteria for the sale can purchase on this basis. Sale is not restricted only to supporters who were members last season and loyalty from people purchasing via the general sale or PTS in 2008/9 will be recognised.


The criteria for each game will be released prior to each sale and will vary dependent on the number of qualifying members we have at that time.


The remaining 50% of tickets will be available to all members on a first come first serve basis during the secondary sale period.




The first category “A” game for the 2009/10 season is Aston Villa; currently members who attended 12+ games last season, would have access to the priority selling period. This is based on current membership levels as of today 24th June 2009 and subject to change depending on numbers of people joining the membership scheme throughout the season, that have the qualifying loyalty.


Category B games


These will be available to all members on a first come first serve basis whilst stocks last.




The new scheme aims to combine the loyalty shown by the supporters who attended a high proportion of games last season along with the fact that category “A” games are the most sought after tickets.


The structure we have put in place helps those supporters who have attended a high proportion of games to be rewarded for loyalty, whilst also allowing greater access to games to more fans generally.


We have also set this process out such that we do not create a closed shop to tickets within the membership at any point and as such give everyone the chance to build and secure their own loyalty for coming seasons through the secondary sale of category “A” games and the open members sale for category “B” games, as well as continuing the general sale which is open to all fans.


Breakdown of the sales by channel


A minimum of 25% of available tickets will be sold via the telephone

A maximum of 75% of available tickets will be sold via the internet


Adult / Child tickets will be available via telephone sale only.


There will be no window sales for members’ sales.

There will be no postal applications for members’ sales.

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