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Jay Blizzay

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Who here has one?


What you think of it?


I've made it my lifes mission to get one at my upgrade in August, possibly earlier if i have my way with 02 retentions (ooo errr).


I am torn between the curve and the bold, curve cos its compact and light, bold cos its a decent sizes keyboard.


Im leaning toward the Bold cos i reckon the Curve would just piss me off trying to text/email on it. I prefer the size and lightness of the Curve though, cos i want summat to fit in my pocket.


Other than that, will 3G on the Bold make much difference? Will i cry over the fact that the Curve has a better camera, and is lighter. Heard the screen is better on the Bold, but some 02 staff tell me its other way round. They all seem to make me lean toward the Curve (prolly cos it costs those guys less in the long run, or cos its newer?)


Im going to use it for: (apart from the obvious) email, browsing sometimes and writing myself memo's as im quite forgetful.


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh im bad at decision making.


I've done all the research, just want owners opinions now.


Is sound quality any good with the handset? I have a Samsung Soul which is s**** for that and this is of upmost importance, cos if a phone cant do basic things right then i wont care if it gives me the moon on a ruddy stick.


Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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