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Keeping chickens


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from those I know who have chickens - they are not a lot of trouble at all - they need a decent amount of space to run about and peck, food can differ on what you want them to eat



no idea about ducks - other than they can reproduce in huge numbers according to friends in Fair Isle!

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I have 6 chickens in my garden.

Fernando, Pepe, Xabi, Alvaro, Dirk and Itandje

The far end had become overgrown with weeds, about 4/5ft high. Let them loose in there, within a month there was nothing left

Although the downside is now i have to pay to feed them a lot more

They live in a rabbit hutch with a caged run around 5ft by 15ft. Didn't have the caged run with the first batch i had, they were eaten by foxes

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I keep telling you Wayne, that they don't make much noise. You won't believe me will you ?

Ocasionally they'll lay an egg that they are particularly proud of and do a lot of loud clucking for a minute or two. But, you only hear that once every few weeks and in the middle of the afternoon. Its not as loud as a neighbours dog barking or anything like that.


We have 2 hens, a red rocket and an amber rocket that my lad decided to call Donna and Rose.

You can buy a 10kg bag of layers pellets from a pet shop for about a tenner. It lasts all year and you can supplement that with treats. Ours like porridge, muesli, barley, leftover spaghetti or noodles.


I'd recommend practical poultry website. It has a very extensive forum.

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my father in law has kept chickens for years but since he had his stroke every now and again he'll get pissed off with them and wring their necks and throw them in the bin...which freaks the mother in law right out when she goes to throw anything in the bin afterwards....you dont really expect to see a pile of dead chickens in your bin.

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We are going for our second batch of chickens, first lot were got by the Jack Russell pups about 4/5 years ago. Anyhow, this time the S.I.L. wants to rescue some battery hens. I don't know if that means we are going in with balaclava's etc in the middle of the night, or, rescuing them when they are chucked out of the factory. We have been told it can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks before they start laying again, but when they do, they should give us a fair amount of eggs.

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we have two chickens.. they are no trouble to look after and the noise is not an issue... dog makes far much more noise etc.


There's an initial expense but the running costs are not high...


Give me a call Will one evening and I'll give the you the run down and some do's and dont's

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