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Champions league final

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say what now?


One of the first things Platini did when he got his new job


But i think it starts in 2010??


Think next years is still a wed


Edit: yep, just checked. It's Wed May 27 next year.


Then it changes to Saturdays the following year.


Until Platini is replaced and it'll probably revert back!

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its on wed 27th May


you need to book a hotel now, there's not many left


Blimey, I dont believe in superstition, but booking a hotel room a year out before a draw has even been considered in that years competition....pushing it surely??


Besides, I'd almost certainly forget to cancel my booking after our inevitable QF defeat, and end up paying for the fecker.

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Yeah it's changed to a Saturday.

Leading to divided households across the continent:


Hubby: It's the footy tonight; we're going for number 6.

Wife: But I want to see Jade Goody going for glory in Eurovision.

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