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Reality check


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I have read many topics over the last few months regarding the position of the Club / Team.

How the Manager should go, players not good enough etc.....


Being old enough to remember the days when we won the league on a regular basis, I have to agree its dissapointing to have gone so long without wining the league.


However compare what we have done in the last 8 yrs to the majority of teams then can we complain.


Best ever champions league final

Best ever FA cup final

Best ever UEFA cup final


add to that another FA cup win, a couple of League cup wins and the Super cup.

Along with another Champs league final, League cup final and Charity shield matches.


Would i swap any of this for a league win, no i would not. The joy on my 15yr old son's face at the end of the Final in istanbul will live with me forever. Ask him would he swap and the answer is the same.


I know the argument will be, we need to compete in the league and i agree but here are some of the reasons why we struggle to compete at present


1) UTD have consistently spent more than us over a period of 15 yrs, having had £30 million players in place for a good few years

2) Chelsea have in the last 4yrs spent over £300 million on players which has contributed greatly towards 2 titles

3) UTD and Arsenal have both had managers in place for a number of years who have built a wining team and i believe in Wenger the best manager in Europe.

4) Benitez has only had limited money to work with until this year and even then he spent less than £30 million net. To spend big has meant selling players and then we have to rely on someone being prepared to buy at a price that suits us.


We just need a reality check and understand the majority of fans/clubs will never have our record. Stop moaning and support the team and manager. We have had good times, days / nights i will never forget.


I believe if we trust Rafa and give him money to spend, Money that will make the difference, then we can win the league. It's going to be hard and we will need a bit of luck on the way. Its not blind faith, its support of a team i have watched for nearly 40yrs and im sick and tired of listening to whingers at the match.


Go and support someone like Newcastle / Boro or even Everton if you don't like it

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