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David Maddock at the Mirror. What's going on?


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Has somebody at the Club had a word with him,seriously?


His reports used to be snide dig after dig, always putting the worst spin on a situation.


Now we get:



By David Maddock 27/07/2007


LUCAS LEIVA revealed last night that he turned down overtures from Manchester United to move to Anfield.


Sir Alex Ferguson admitted yesterday that he lost out to Liverpool in the race for Fernando Torres."


Not so long ago he would have written the same story as 'Sir Alex spotted them before anybody else in the galaxy, oh yessirree bob, but then decided that they weren't good enough to play at The Theatre of Dreams, and left them for a desperate club to pay over the odds' etc etc


Under Houllier he used to be vitriolic to the point of being poisonous about us (yeah, I know he's Godfather to Robbies's kid and all that)


Noticed the same sympathetic, dare I say positive!, spin a lot over the last few months.


Just seems strange.

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