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Saw some really bizarre behaviour tonight

Guest redfromtubebar

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Guest redfromtubebar

Watching Miami Vice tonight with the girlfriend. Heard some guy a few rows down sniff really loudly. I assumed he had a blocked up nose or something but after another heavy sniff I had a nudge from her and was was told to look what was going on. He was only bloody sniffing Charlie off her breasts wasn`t he!? Anyway, after that they seemed to notice that people were looking(cinema was probably over half empty) and stopped. About 15 minutes later though, they both got up and walked out. They come back after about 20 minutes and this joker walks in with no top on, just carrying his shirt. The girl was fully dressed but seemed a bit flustered. I assume they had been shagging in the toilets. They both sat down and were having the giggles. Thankfully a member of staff came in (I think one or two people went to complain after they had left initially) and asked them to leave. I thought they were going to cause a scene but they got up quite casually and left.


Never seen anything like that. At least, not in the cinema anyway.


Oh, the film was ok. Typical Mann really.

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