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Brilliant - Footballer Drives like he Plays

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Football player crashes into home


A Norfolk couple were woken in the night after a car driven by Newcastle United defender Titus Bramble crashed into the wall outside their house.


It happened on the A140 in the village of Newton Flotman on Saturday night.


A Norfolk Police spokesman said five or six people were travelling in the BMW but no-one was injured. Mr Bramble was given a breath test which was negative.


Eddie Sargent, 55, who lives in the house, said he and wife Linda, 54, were concerned for the people in the car.


The couple were looking after their grandchildren at the time of the crash.


'Good looking'


Mr Sargent said: "We just heard an incredible bang.


"The car was full of people and they all got out and went across the road.


"I never spoke to Titus, he kept a low profile. I was more concerned about the damage."


Mr Sargent said he and his wife did not recognise Mr Bramble: "The police handed us his details for the insurance claim and my wife said 'what a lovely name' and 'wasn't he good looking'.


"It wasn't until we telephoned the insurers this morning that they asked 'Is that the Titus Bramble?'"





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