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Kelvin McKenzie on the BBC's payroll

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It's being widely talked about on RAWK and people are registering their distaste that Mckenzie is hosting a programme on world cup scandals.


This is my email to the BBC:


done, i've had half but here it is:


Dear BBC,


How laughable it is that you choose to commission Kelvin McKenzie to comment on footballing scandals.


Not only is this a waste of license payers money but even moreso considering his own campaign when at Talk sport to prevent the BBC's rights to coverage of events, and his consistent soapboxing that the license fee was a rip off. This was a constant editorial agenda during his tenure there.


The very fact that this man is willing to compromise his own views for a few quid is evidence of his moral fibre.


The very fact that you are willing to bring such a person on board is evidence that he was ironically correct.


Another irony is that by employing this man you are laughably reneging on Lord Reith's long standing mandate that the BBC is there to inform, educate and entertain.


In fact through hiring this man you are urnitating on the very grave of the BBC's moral existence, a similar act which Mr McKenzie himself once wrongly accused football fans of.


Just what is the meaning behind your choice of presenter and subject matter in fact?


Talking about exposing Wayne Rooney's brothel scandal, then in the next news break reporting on how we need him for the world cup?


Hypocrisy on a sickening level. It's not balanced reporting. What exactly is the editorial value of this programme?


It's sad that the company with which we are all stakeholders should compromise itself so much on a tentatively scandalous because it's also so short of ideas and creativity to produce original and quality programming.


Strangely enough, your choice of subject matter and presenter in this instance is the best comic tragedy the BBC have produced for a long time. Although sadly this seems to have happened more within the production unit than in the actual show itself.


Chris Cook


if you want to do similar or find out more visit http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=126372.0


and once you are in receipt of the facts about the show email via http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/

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