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  1. rnevitt


    I've just started playing in a local Futsal league. Having played "normal" football for years, I was expecting Futsal just to be a glorified 5-a-side. But it really is alot different. The pace of the game is so intense, it is hard to make a yard of space, so you have to be quick at twisting and turning. I would definitely say if kids grew up playing it then they would be technically better, ie, Brazil or Spain. Much more fun than normal 5-a-side too.
  2. Keegan two, Heighway one. Liverpool Three, Newcastle none.
  3. Attack these, they are s**** at the back. All year everyone has bigged Spurs up, would be as Harry says, triffic, to finish above them after what Woy did to us first half of the season.
  4. There is some truth that the players maybe look to Gerrard a bit too much, but the guy is an incredible footballer, there is no question the team is better with him in it. The key for Kenny will be getting the best out of Stevie. Personally I'd start him right with licence to go where he wants, similar to how the mancs utilised Ronaldo.
  5. Brilliant performance. The tempo of the performance was top-notch. Suarez and Kuyt lead from the front harrying the opposition into mistakes. Lucas and Spearing control the midfield and have added quality passing to their games. Maxi looks sensational at the moment and Flanagan as if he ahs been playing for 10 years. But Suarez was the star. His workrate, movement, ability.. he is just unbelievable at the moment. But his biggest attribute is that he is a winner, he will stop at nothing to ensure the team win. My Blog match report - REDS HIT FIVE IN FULHAM THRILLER
  6. Let's hammer these. Show the league that even though United have No 19, we are on our way back.
  7. Is Ray Wilkins doing co-commentary on the wedding? "Stay On Your Feet" Kate!
  8. Same as most people; Maxi Lucas Suarez
  9. Absolutely spot on. The Champions league is good in that it generates loads of money, but the fact that 4th place can qualify for it means that teams have become less ambitious. A 4th place finish is treated like a success. That can't be right. As Bob Paisley used to say "first is first and second is nowhere"
  10. Rest Meireles, bring in Carroll. Can't wait. Kenny has made going to the match exciting again.
  11. Messi is unbelievable. Head and shoulders above anything in the world. Will go down as best ever by the time he finishes
  12. I think the biggest difference with Kuyt under Kenny, is that he is doing all his work in the attacking third of the pitch. Under Hodgson and towards the end of Rafa's regime, the team was that defensive in its approach, that Kuyt was often in the right-back position. When he received the ball he was in his own half, and with his lack of pace, he never troubled opposing full-backs. Now when he gets the ball, he is already in an attacking postion, so his lack of pace isn't so apparent. Also, Kenny's attacking philospohy has helped. Kuyt's first touch used to be backwards, which meant he would invariably end up passing back to Johnson or inside to Lucas, but now once they receive the ball, the players (Lucas another to benefit) are on the front-foot looking to attack.
  13. Exactly. As long as it is red with the liverbird, itdoesn't matter who makes the kit. The extra money will hopefully mean more signings like Luis Suarez, so its got to be good
  14. My LFC Blog match report - OH I AM A LIVERPUDLIAN
  15. If Adam is bought he may not play in the big games, Lucas, Gerrard and Meireles are fine for those. But for the run of the mill games, Wigan, Stoke, Wolves, etc, Adam's forward-thinking and passing would improve the tempo of our game, something which we clearly lack. At Sunderland, Spearing did this to sn extent, Adam would be an upgrade on that.
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