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  1. Here you go, this is the full clip. Check it out, will probably get taken down at some point.
  2. Who quite ironically seems to be the one they want / need to sell
  3. Twas on Sky when they started talking about Poch, let me see if I can find a way to share it
  4. There's an amazing clip of Poch seemingly trying to get his emotions under control while in the background Szobozlai and Nunez (I think) are hurdling boxes to run onto the pitch!
  5. Poch just said they were playing for penalties, small time plastic flag waving cheating t***s.
  6. Endo was outstanding, didn't stop. Amazing performances all over the pitch, winning it the way we did, so many players out. Great to see the kids grow in confidence.
  7. He could have released it so many times, so frustrating. But still, this f***ing Ref.
  8. That's f***ing unbelievable Brooks on VAR, c***.
  9. Such a great film, amazing score and visuals. One of those, it's over 3 hours iirc, doesn't feel it.
  10. Watched the first episode of Constellation last night - looks like it has potential, though the acting felt a bit off at times.
  11. As much as I want to - I don't see it either, it's a little thing but the fist pumps last night and it feels like he is being more open in interviews. It looks like a weight has been lifted.
  12. Garth Crooks in charge of BBC ratings? He's been outstanding, has dynamism and drive, always looking to make things happen.
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