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  1. Hus


    So sorry to hear that Dan, thoughts with you and yours
  2. Hus


    Thanks, much appreciated. Also heard a Doctor from Oxford talking about a potential vaccine, apparently the one they're working on has got funding and is progressing to the next phase of trials.
  3. Hus


    Would you mind sharing the article? Tis behind a paywall.
  4. Hus


    Now Matt Hancock too Not a surprise tbh - the whole cabinet will be down soon
  5. Hus


    I think you had a legally binding contract with them when you accepted the offer - it happened to a friend of mine, he went down the legal route, from what we discussed it came down to notice period. Just my thoughts - I am not a legal bod unfortunately. But assume you plan to accept the extension? Plus would like to continue working with them? With the IR35 rules being pushed back a year - could keep your company open and keep contracting till next year.
  6. Hus


    That's rubbish - was there a probation period or similar on the permanent role? Probation vs standard notice period? Not sure on the legal aspects - or when they kick in, when you signed your contract or if you needed to start your permanent role.
  7. Hus


    The state of some people, unbelievable
  8. Hus


    Sammy, thoughts with you and yours. Fingers crossed
  9. Hus

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Not a TV show but came across a good podcast recently - all about him - tis called The Big Steal.
  10. Hus


    Testing should have started weeks ago (if not more), Boris and co only had eyes on the economy. I am sure its been around longer - so many reports of Covid or Covid lite type symptoms. I have been a bit unwell for a couple of weeks now, intermittent dry cough, though what makes me think it might be Covid is that my asthma has been flaring up along with a tightness in my chest. I have taken my inhaler 6-7 times in the last few days, which is unusual, before then the last time I took my inhaler was November. But otherwise no other symptoms yet - no fever etc.
  11. Hus

    Looking after ourselves

    Google hangouts is another one i have heard good things about - but haven't tried it yet.
  12. Hus


    I missed the part re them wanting 250k volunteers
  13. Hus


    Car crash from Hancock
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