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  1. No issues with how old Thiago is - he'd be great Agree on the Minamino shout - but he needs a run central, not a wide forward
  2. Nope nope nope - feck that this evening
  3. Wonder if they will be more flexible until the situation improves?
  4. Just annoyed at the lack of effort and application. It goes without saying that Chelsea lose and it's a completely different game. Missed the post match, what happened with Klopp and Shreeves?
  5. Just came across this the other day - worth a watch, highlights the plight of the porters who are paid a pittance for what they do and treated so poorly 😥 Its called - "K2 and the Invisible Footmen" on Youtube
  6. Hus


    My thoughts exactly. This localised approach is never going to work, though I expect that was the thinking behind it, if it goes to crap Boris and co can blame the the local council, law enforcement and residents.
  7. Hus

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    The third and final season of Dark has been released on Netflix. The first season was hard to follow, second season was even worse. Not sure if I want to subject myself to the third.
  8. Likewise Thanks for sharing @RBM
  9. Hus


    So sorry Raj, thoughts are with you and your friends family. YNWA
  10. I did link it but it's vanished It's the Football Daily, 10 games that shaped Klopps Liverpool. Hosted by Kelly Cates.
  11. Also, just heard on the radio that the hotel (Park Inn) was closed but housing asylum seekers.
  12. Apparently three people have died, attacker was shot and killed by the Police. So sad
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