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  1. bloody hell - almost have a heart attack everytime he gets the ball Well played Reds!
  2. Jones not really in the game, Milner looking off the pace and where is the real Firmino? The less said about Adrian the better
  3. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    Maybe you should go back to your original name? Joking Just absolutely gutted for Virgil
  4. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    Yep...same here, but they both knew what they were doing imo, Richalison especially, Thiago had been schooling them all game.
  5. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    f***ing cheating dirty t rex armed c***
  6. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    It's been confirmed that it's his ACL No timeline but most probably the season. Gutted
  7. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    Now that's something I would pay £14.95 to see
  8. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    Surely he would be doing that regardless to aid healing, prevent further damage. Those are the straws I'm clutching too right now
  9. Hus

    Welcome VvD

    Probably all based on that initial tweet or the like
  10. The fact that the same c*** FORGOT to check for a RED card...says it all
  11. Surely thats level at worst?
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