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  1. He could sign for Juve on January 1st. Since it is so obvious he is going there I wondered why not sign? Don't get it.
  2. Yeah I know - but would we really be bothered?
  3. I don't understand the waiting for signing for Juve if that is the case. Out for the season and no reason to wait. Could it be that he is going for a club in the PL and waiting for 1st of July to sign? He has to wait longer to sign for PL club than a one abroad?
  4. My point is that we were spot on regarding our targets.
  5. Last summer window was so good I'm just confident that we will do well next summer. Robertson, Oxlade, Salah and Keita, and in principle fixing Van Dijk has improved us dramatically. Another window like that with 3-4 players will make us title contenders. I really don't get excited with any name linked - I just want us to get the players Klopp want who ever they are.
  6. I think Mahrez for 50m is a good deal. But would rather see us go for Vardy. I think he would do very well in Klopp's team. Sell Origi and Sturridge and that would cover the fee for Vardy. Firmino needs someone to put pressure on him and it also gives us more opportunities. But even with Coutinho gone we are in most need at the back. A goalie and a DM is what we need.
  7. Want us to put Barca out of the CL... ...and win the PL.
  8. Maybe this is our plan B to VvD - to keep Sakho. Strange to turn down that offer from Palace.
  9. As we have not been after other cb our camp must have thought he was done.
  10. I still think he might stay. The main reason now would be that the offer from Barca were not good enough. They are leaking this 165m bid or whatever but from our camp we keep hearing that add-ons are a very big part of that. I think Barca forced our hand when they got Suarez and are doing the same thing again and this time I think we wont let them. So... I think he will still be here next week.
  11. Bliki


    Rafa tried to sell Alonso and buy Gareth Barry and the following season Alonso asked to leave for Real. Rafa f***ed that up.
  12. Well - actually we could use these days and bring someone in!!!
  13. If he is upset with the owners I don't think it has anything to do with Coutinho. But it might have something to do with the statement on VdV in June and that the club has not got him the two players he wanted in the summer.
  14. I say we keep Phil. We have no time to find his replacement in this window. He will be gone next season but we need him now. So even though I find myself really dislike him for all this we just need him.
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